Chapter 13

Discharging Debt in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Protect your assets, yourself, and your co-signers with
a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Your ability to file a chapter 7 may be limited by your current income, the kind of debt you owe, and whether or not you have filed a bankruptcy in the past.  Chapter 7 is limited to those individuals who are reasonably unable to pay their debts.  Your ability to reasonably pay your debts may be limited by the “Means Test” that is part of the bankruptcy process.

Not every debt is eligible to be discharged in a chapter 7.  The debts that most commonly cannot be discharge in bankruptcy include support obligations, recent taxes, and student loans (unless a hardship as defined under the law can be proven in court).  There are a number of other debts that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, but it is advisable to seek the advice of an experienced bankruptcy attorney to determine if any other debts cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.

The law limits how often an individual may obtain a discharge in bankruptcy.  Generally speaking the person may only obtain a discharge in a chapter 7 once every eight years. If you require other bankruptcy assistance in Columbus, please contact our office at 614-294-5040

Columbus Chapter 13 Lawyers

Keep Most Assets

For clients with more assets to protect, Chapter 13 may be the prefered bankruptcy route.

Reduce Principle Balances

Cut interest rates, reduce monthly payments, stop mortgage foreclosures, and more!

Pay Off Your Debt

Eliminate of your debt in as little as 3 years and take back your life with our advisement.

Columbus Chapter 13 Attorneys

Benefits of Chapter 13:

  • Keep your assets
  • Reduce or eliminate interest rates
  • Reduce monthly payments on purchases
  • Stop mortgage foreclosure
  • Eliminate a second mortgage and judgement liens
  • Force mortgage lender/servicer to accept payments
  • Up to 5 years to cure mortgage arrerages
  • Pay back unsecured balances at cents on the dollar
  • Protect co-signers so your bankruptcy doesn't hurt them