Creditor Harassment

Creditor Harassment

Filing bankruptcy provides a powerful automatic-injunction from a federal district court that prevents creditors from taking any action to collect a debt. 

Once you have filed for bankruptcy you can expect the endless collection harassment to stop. Your debt collectors are barred from: calling or texting you, sending you collection letters and emails, repossessing your car, garnishing your wages, and suing you while you are under the protection of your bankruptcy process under Section 362 of the Bankruptcy Code. Your protection from you creditors begins automatically and immediately as soon as you file your bankruptcy.

Stop Stress from Creditor After Bankryptcy

This end of harassment applies to everyone

...even the IRS and Federal Government.

Bankruptcy provides you with protection from all of your creditors and collection agencies. Any civil obligation that can be reduced to a money judgment falls under this category. This protection applies to debts owed to a governmental agency like taxes and student loans, as well as to everyday debts like credit cards, doctor bills, and utility bills. Bankruptcy is the most effective way to stop creditor harassment because if they don't stop, bankruptcy gives you legal recourse to sue them in court.