Discharge Violations

Defending Your Discharge

We’ll Be Here for You Today and Tomorrow

You play by the rules, but sometimes your creditors don’t.  Debt collectors don’t always follow the law.  When you complete your bankruptcy and obtain your discharge you get an important court order that stops your debt collectors from ever asking or attempting to have you repay a debt.  Sometimes debt may violate your discharge and attempt to collect a debt even if they are not supposed to under law.  These unscrupulous debt collectors may depend on the fact that you don’t know your rights.  They may also depend on you having a bankruptcy lawyer that doesn’t care about what happens to you after your bankruptcy if over.  We care if a debt collector violates you discharge.  We will defend your discharge.  You may even have the right to collect money damages and have your attorney fees paid if a debt collector violates your discharge

debt collector calling after bankruptcy discharge